Friday, October 05, 2007

'Fabulous' Friday

Busy day today, as are most of my Fridays right now. Dropped Chris at class & then Alli & I did our grocery shopping. This was our BIG grocery day......we usually do a BIG grocery day every other week & then a smaller run on the off-week. After groceries we went on a wild-goose-chase for Clay. He wanted me to go to the 'Tackle Box' & get him some worms & spark plugs for the boat....tomorrow is their big fishing tournament. Anyways...after grumping & griping through a funeral procession & a 3-car wreck we FINALLY got to the tackle shop only to find that they are closed today & tomorrow! ARGH!! We grabbed a bite to eat at Wendys & then headed over to Target, then Sams, picked up Chris & then came on home. Kind of a lazy, quiet night here.....the kiddos are watching Disney's 'Haunted Mansion' & I've been scrapping. I'm behind on the challenges at ASF.....I worked on the Oct. 3rd challenge tonight.....using 3 different kinds of embellishments. It was really fun working on some older pics....Me, Sarah & Chris acting like goof-balls! Think I'm headed on up to read some now while Clay gets his fishing gear together.

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