Monday, October 01, 2007

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Actually, it doesn't seem THAT bad anymore, but earlier......................I was stressed to the MAX about supper-time! Here's how it went...Alli got up this morning, stuffy as usual & still had a smidge of fever...about 101. Clay says I should call the Dr. & see if they will see her today...might be a sinus or ear infection. They tell me 3pm. Ok, I have time for a few quick notebook pages on the planets, listened to Jon read & gave Ashley her math & Bible verse to write out. Hopped in the shower & got ready. Left to go pick up a few groceries from Walmart, picked Chris up from class at 1:50, got home & dropped Chris & the groceries off, picked up Alli & raced back out the door to get to the Dr. office on time. They take us back to a room by 3:15 & I'm quite impressed....not bad at all. And then we WAIT & WAIT & WAIT some more. I was giving them just a few more minutes....til 5:30 & then I was walking out! The Dr. FINALLY came in & chekced her out. Said her ears, nose, throat, etc. all looked fine. Said the fever COULD be from some little viral bug, but it should run it's course in about a week. If she was still feeling puny toward the end of the week, I could give him a call & he'd call her in a perscription. AGHHHHHH......This is why I HATE going to the Dr. I sat there 2 1/2 hours for that!! The only good thing that came from that time was that I got to work on Daniel's afghan that I'm making for Christmas AND I was able to teach Alli some crochet. She's been wanting to learn & that was the perfect opportunity. She got the hang of doing the chain stitch pretty good. She wants her own crochet hook so she can practice more now. After a bit more practice, I'll teach her the single crochet. Anyway, after ALL that I'm stressed beyond measure & all I want to do is get home....knowing it's supper time, etc. & doggoneit if I don't get pulled over by a State Trooper on Craigtown Rd. no less........out here in the BOONIES & a state trooper pulls me over! He said I didn't give a signal when I turned the corner there by Jack's.....he said I just sort of 'merged'. :P~~~~~~~~~~ I was quite POLITE (even though I wanted to scream/cry/whatever)& he said he'd just give me a warning this time! Bless you Young Man!'s that for a MONDAY?! One good thing, that I almost forgot about in all this hullabaloo.....I got an email today saying I had won a $10 CG on Lifetime Moments for one of the scrap challenges I participated in back over the summer months. I had totally forgotten all about it & was SO tickled when I got the news! Can't wait to shop for some cool scrapping goodies! Think I'm headed upstairs now with my book to read until I can't keep my eyes open anymore!

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