Saturday, September 29, 2007

The picnic that didn't happen

Well, we were supposed to go to the Apple Festival today out at Drumheller's & have a picnic lunch & so forth. Our plans kinda fell apart at the last minute so I just decided to run out there myself & see what was happening & if it was really worth planning to do it tomorrow or not. The apples really ARE expensive this year (just like Clay & Maw said they would be) because everything has been so dry. We're talking an average of $22/bushel. I did walk around & check out some of the hand-made goodies. I priced the crocheted scarves, afghans, dishcloths, etc. Made me want to run right home & start crocheting!! We just had our own little picnic here with all our 'lunch treats' that I had gotten.....sandwiches, Pringles, Sierra Mist & Little Debbie cakes for dessert. Can't get any better than that! ;-) Think I might go try & scrap some now (or CROCHET) since my house is all clean & the laundry is pretty much caught up.

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FatcatPaulanne said...

It sounds like you had some good food anyway!