Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Who knew?

That 'Drake & Josh' could be so educational? Just had to share one of my wonderful 'UNschooling' moments from yesterdaymorning. I wasn't planning on doing any book work because I had to leave & run Chris to class & do a couple of errands & then we were headed out to Hampton to the American Idol concert (Field Trip). But as I was sitting here reading emails & chatting with Ella, I realized that Alli had out one of our planet books from the library & was reading the names of the planets in order from the sun & then trying to say them all from memory. I was quite impressed because this was TOTALLY on her own without me ever saying a word. So, I just sat quietly & listened for a bit. I finally asked her if she had remembered me telling them about how MY teacher back in 5th grade had taught us how to remember the order of the planets.....M VEM J SUN P & she told me NO, she had learned it from 'Drake & Josh' on TV--they had made up a little song when trying to figure out what the eighth planet was. Go figure! Anyway, when I left to go take Chris, she was going around the house timing herself seeing how fast she could name them all!

Homeschool note from today...... How many kids get to sit outside under the Dogwood tree with their mom & work on their math?? That was me & Ashley this was SO nice!

Ok, I'm off to bed....just got done printing a bunch of pages for our planet notebook. A word find puzzle, putting the planets in ABC order, some coloring pages, etc. Pretty fun stuff!

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