Sunday, September 02, 2007


Alli woke me up around 4ish this morning saying she felt like she was going to throw up. She sounds all stuffy in her head & says she has a head ache.....feels like she might have some fever too.....would help if I could find that dang thermometer! I'm guessing she just has what Chris had & the drainage is just getting to her. She's laid out on the couch right now watching Sponge Bob. I just checked on her & she says her head still hurts. Poor baby!! Needless to say, we will just be hanging around the house today. I'm off to clean up the kitchen & get a quick shower. Want to try & do some scrapping this afternoon. There is another cyber crop that just started at Lifetime.....called 'Holidays:Past, Present, Future'. Hoping I can do this...only 30 days long & I've had a nice rest now. Also, it's National Stamping month & Jules has a challenge going on her blog for making cards. I REALLY want to do that....especially since I need to make some cards to sell at the reunion next weekend! Hopefully I'll have some new creations to share by this evening.

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