Friday, September 28, 2007

No clever title tonight either..............

Well, yesterday afternoon was spent doing 'Home Ec'......meaning we had some MAJOR cleaning up to do around here!! The kids worked on their rooms while I cleaned down here. We worked all afternoon til supper time. Then after supper, we had our big multiplication competition. Let me back up a bit.....started working earlier this week with Jon & Michael using the flash cards. They've all learned their multiplication tables before, but just needed some serious practice to be able to pop those answers off to me without counting on their fingers. This of course turned into a serious competition to see who could answer the quickest & get the most cards when we played. Ashley actually decided to play along too....said she needed to brush up on certain ones & this seemed to be fun. Well, we practiced all week with the promise of a REAL competition on Thurs. evening with the winner receiving a big bag of sunflower seeds. (The prize was decided upon by Michael & Jon agreed). This was majorly serious.....the whole family was there to watch & supervise. I flashed the cards & Clay was the judge as to who raised their hand or answered first. Let me just say that Michael blew them away!! Little Tee-watty. He deserved it too.......he had practiced so hard all week. Even when I was upstairs folding laundry, I'd be calling out to him......Michael, what's 7x8? How about those doubles.....what's 6x6? Anyway, he's the proud owner of his very own bag of sunflower seeds now & loving it!!

Well, more pukes this morning. Alli woke up & went straight for the potty. I really think the drainage gets to her during the night. Once she got on up & got moving & got some allergy meds into her, she seemed better. Even went on with me to town today & helped do the groceries, etc. We stopped by Wendy's for some lunch & then went to the pet store to look around a bit. I think everything is just so dry right now & it's really making everyone's allergies worse than usual. I know my nose is stuffy & I have a sinus headache now. Think a pot of coffee may be in order shortly. Hope all is well & still on go for our Apple Festival picnic tomorrow. We've all been looking forward to it for so long & I'd really hate to disappoint!

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