Sunday, September 09, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ashley

I can't believe that Ashley is 14 now! Where does the time go? We had our usual celebration breakfast this morning.....cinnamon buns & coffee. Then she opened presents before heading out to church. She got several new tops, a pair of black bermuda shorts, a purse, headband, earrings. From the Aunts she got money to go into her digi camera fund. She is becoming quite the photographer & has really enjoyed playing around with MY digi camera & she can't wait to get her very own. As soon as Clay gets home from work we will have birthday cake. Then tomorrow evening will be her BD dinner....she wanted to have Chinese for supper, so we decided to do that tomorrow night since Clay works on Sunday. THEN on Tues. we are supposed to be going over to Maw's to celebrate some more. She has ordered an ice cream cake from DQ for her. Nothing like spreading the celebration out for a few days. Makes it last longer!!

We had a great time yesterday at our annual Fortune Family Reunion....held at Uncle Skippy's house. The high light of the day for me was getting to see my cousins from Pop's side of the family (Pop's nephews). Kyle & his family have come several times & even though Doug & his family came a few years ago we missed seeing them because we were at Busch Gardens at the time. I actually hadn't seen Doug since he was in our wedding 20 yrs. ago! So we made sure to get LOTS of pictures.....some of the WHOLE family & some of all our kiddos together & some of me, Sarah, Doug & Kyle. Annette & Mike surprised us all by showing up with their new little one.....Callum. He is such a sweetie. Just wish that Aunt Vada & her family could've been there.....we all really missed them & it just didn't seem the same without them.

Need to go get these guys ready for bed now.......I'M the one that's super tired! But mama can't go to bed til everyone else is in bed.

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Warehouse Worker said...

Love seeing all the pictures!!!!