Thursday, September 13, 2007

Catch up

Boy, this week has been busy.....but that's how they all seem. Anyway, Monday I had to get up & take Chris to class....Clay had to be here because the cable guy was coming to fix our dish. So, the morning was more rushed than usual. When I got home, I straightened up the kitchen & we did a bit of school, then it was time for lunch & time to go get Chris again. At least I didn't have to think about cooking anything for supper. We did Chinese for Ashley's BD supper.

Tuesday, we ALL headed out to Maw's for a party. Celebrating Ashley's BD & also Taylor's first BD. But when we got there, Maw said that Ella had called & couldn't come because Jesse was sick. Sure sorry they couldn't come, but I really DON'T want the germmies!! We had a fun time anyway....Sarah & the kids came down & we had pizza for lunch & then Maw had ordered an ice cream cake from DQ....YUM!

Yesterday, I LET Clay get up & take Chris.....I had been up & out EVERY day since last Wed. & I was sooooo tired. Of course, I was up a little after 7am anyway......I just didn't have to be showered & dressed quite so early. So, I enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee & my computer time. Once they were out the door & the kitchen was cleaned up, we started on the school work. I sent Ashley off to read her Earth Science & do her math lesson while I worked with the others. Michael did some practice with multiplication/division facts, Jon did some oral reading & then vocab words to go along with the story he's reading & Alli did two pages of reading (vowel teams), reading comprehension (the Singing Whales) & a page of math (measuring in inches).

Today, Ashley is going with me to take Chris...she needs to exchange one of the tops I got her for her BD. Chris only has math today, so it's a short day. When we get home, the guys are headed up on the mountain to get a load of firewood. Clay went up there yesterday & cut up a, he just needs to spit it & haul it back down here. One of the signs that FALL is definitely in the air!

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