Sunday, September 16, 2007

Manwich & Tater Tots

Wow, yesterday was such a nice relaxing day & yet I also got a lot acoomplished! I vacuumed upstairs & downstairs, did laundry, read some of my book....I'm really getting into it now. I guess I just needed to spend a bit more time reading when I wasn't falling asleep! HA! Also got caught up on all the card challenges from Jules' blog...will share some of those later. PLUS I spent some time crocheting on Anna's afghan.

Church this morning & then home. These days have been so nice & cool....I actually fixed chicken noodle soup for lunch today. YUM!! Sat outside & read some more & then came in & have been working on our unit study of the Universe/planets. Have to really be careful with these library books....trying to tell my kids about the 'Big Bang theory' UGH! Our unit starts off with 'In the beginning God created the heaven & the earth!'

On a totally different of those cool Mom moments yesterday evening. I saw Jon come out the back door, book in hand & head off down the drive. I KNEW where he was going...had seen him there earlier.....he was up in the Hickory tree behind Uncle Richard's house reading a Star Wars book! I just HAD to run grab my camera & zoom lens & was able to sneak a couple of pictures undetected! This is the child who Clay has been so worried about his reading. To me, this was just awesome to find him off by himself, up in a tree & reading a book! A note here too....that Ashley didn't care for so long whether she read a book or not. Just this past summer has her reading REALLY taken off. I mean ASKING to go to the library all the time. Devouring any kind of history book....especially biographies about George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, etc. She has kept her own book log over the summer & her goal was to read 50 books & she did it!! Now, we have started on our book list for the school year to keep in their folders (I'm sticking a copy of her summer reading in her folder too!!)

OK, off to fix some supper......manwich & tater tots.

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FatcatPaulanne said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog it made me so happy to see comments this morning!

Isn't it wonderful when our children start to love reading?