Wednesday, September 19, 2007

American Idol Concert

We had an AMAZING time last night! The concert was terrific.....better than I had anticipated! Let me just say that they ALL were so much better in judges, no pressure....just doing 'their thing' & having fun! Melinda & Jordin both had a wonderful testimony onstage....sharing about their 'chick nights' they talked about girly stuff & the Lord because that was such an important part of their lives. Jordin even asked for prayer for her grandmother who was sick & in the hospital. Of course the crowd down there in Hampton was crazy over Chris Richardson because he's actually from Chesapeake. And one other hi-light to share....when they came back from intermission, Phil Stacey was in his Navy uniform, with a huge flag on the screen behind them & he sang 'America the beautiful' with the others saluting the flag behind him....gave me goose bumps!!

Sure wish we had had the foresight to plan for an ALL DAY trip. I REALLY want to go back again!! We got down there early enough that we drove down thru Colonial Williamsburg & I tell ya.......just made me sad that we didn't have time to stop right then & enjoy it. And Jamestown was just right there too! And the McDs where we ate supper, right next to the colesium was also right near the airforce base & we watched all these fighter jets doing their thing right out the McDs window.......Jon thought this was AWESOME! Just like TOP GUN!

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FatcatPaulanne said...

Those fighter jets sound extremely cool.

I'd love to be able to visit Colonial Williamsburg without driving for 2 days!

Lucky you!