Friday, September 14, 2007

Biology 101

Squirrel (Alli's cat) is in a box in the kitchen with her new baby kitties. So far, she's had 4......not sure if she's done yet or not....probably so. And from the looks of them, it's pretty obvious that Bootsie is the father, as usual. They are all gray with a little touch of white here & there. Kind of a nice quiet evening at home tonight.....supper was quick & assortment of frozen pizzas for everyone....well, Alli had chicken tenders. Chris had his usual Totinos pepperoni pizza, Jon & Michael had the little Food Lion brand pepperoni pizza & Ashley & I each had a Stouffers supreme french bread pizza. We were done & plates washed up by 6pm. We then, watched 'Are We Done Yet?' while I crocheted on Anna's afghan that I'm doing for Christmas. Alli went with me to town today.....dropped Chris off at class & then headed to Walmart to get a few groceries to tide us over til the first of the week. From there we ran by Steve & Barry's to get Ashley's shirt in the RIGHT size this time. By then, it was 11am & time for us to get a bite to eat at Chickfila. Then we hit Old Navy, Michaels & Sams. Found Jon some cargo jean shorts at ON for $ him two pairs!! Thinks that should hold him now thru the Fall. Then at Michaels, they had a bin of their 'nice/fancy' yarn for $1/skein, so I picked out 6 pretty ones for making some scarves. Got our milk & some Debbie cakes at Sams & then it was time to pick Chris up. I really like getting my groceries in the morning like that.....makes things MUCH easier!! Think I'm headed on up to laze in the bed & read til I fall asleep. Trying to get into this Elm Creek me it's going a little slower this time than the last one I read. Guess it could be that I usually only read at bedtime & I don't hardly get thru a page before I'm falling asleep.

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