Saturday, September 01, 2007

Been a Busy few days....

Thurs. we were up & off to King's there at 10:07 & the rides didn't actually open til 10:30. Nice day....kind of overcast which made it NOT too hot. Also not a lot of people there which is what we were hoping for going on a week day. The lines weren't bad at fact alot of times we'd just stay in our seats & ride the same thing 2 & 3 times in a row! As we were leaving the park that night, we saw a SKUNK climb out of the shrubbery along the fountain there by the Eiffel Tower. It was so funny because other folks saw him & ran squealing the other direction while MY kids followed him seeing how close they could get. Of course I had my camera out too! Thought Clay & Jon (the trappers in our family) were going to catch that sucker & bring him home..........not really....but they sure did think he had a beautiful pelt.

Yesterday, Chris had classes & Clay & I ran to pick up a few groceries. Came home & everyone just kind of crashed.....think we were all really tired from the day before. Today is just a lazy day too....doing some laundry & I took the kids to the library...that's about it so far. The boys went out squirrel hunting for a little bit, but didn't really see anything.....they might go back later on. No big plans for the holiday weekend...Chris has no classes Monday & only math on Tues. so he has a nice little break. Gives him some extra time to work on his English paper....has a rough draft due on Wed.

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