Monday, October 15, 2007

Today's school............

Thought I'd share some of our notebook pages from our planet unit. We just finished up the last bit this morning. We did Solar System Alliterations. Here's a sampling of what we came up with:
1. Pluto is a Purple Planet
2. Mercury & Mars are Made of Marshmallows
3. The Spaceship Soared past Saturn & the Sun
Jon & Ashley both read 'The Tell-Tale Heart' by Edgar Allan Poe today. So proud at how Jon's reading has taken off. Didn't have time for read-aloud time with Jon this morning, so I told him to see how much he could do on his own & if there were words he didn't understand, we would look them up later. When I got home this afternoon, he had read the whole thing & told me all about it. There were a few words like 'Audacity' that he didn't recognize, but we made a list & he's going to look those up tomorrow for his vocab words. blogger isn't co-operating right now for me to be able to upload the planet pages.....will just do that in the morning.

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