Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Mr. Daniel with his candy stash.....he told me he liked the Starburst the best!!
The girls back in 'Barbieville' aka Maw's bedroom. This is THEIR spot to play when they all get together. Daniel is sitting in the corner over there watching a video.

Shelly, Jennifer & Danielle

Danielle, Alley & Maw......LOVE the good times we've spent around this dining room table. LOTS of good memories!!

Ashley getting her hair sprayed black with green streaks! Didn't show up as well as she had hoped. Oh well....we had fun trying!
Candy treats for the kiddos.

The pumpkin cake that I made for the party.

We had a really fun time at our Halloween party yesterday at Maw's house. Danielle & Alley were there with their kids, Shelly & Jennifer joined us along with Maw, Sarah & kids. It was a really nice fall day & the kids were able to enjoy playing out in Maw's backyard while we sat around the dining room table visiting & learning how to crochet. (Wish I had gotten a picture of me & Ellas crocheting....shoot). Here are some of the pics that I took from our party.

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