Monday, October 08, 2007

Hot, hot, hot....

Where is the nice FALL weather we are supposed to be having? It was like 88 degrees today.....NOT what I call October weather at all! Kind of a lazy day around here today since Chris is on Fall break. We did spend a little time over lunch today talking about the Civil War & Robert E. Lee/Grant, Appomattox & the McLean House in preparation for our field trip tomorrow. In one of our books...about VA...we got side-tracked about famous people that are from VA & this got us onto the subject of Edgar Allen Poe & I began to quote:

'Once upon a midnight dreary
While I pondered weak & weary
Over many a quaint & curious
Volume of forgotten lore.....'

So.....when Ashley & I went out to the library I just had to pick up a couple of books about Edgar Allen Poe. Seemed fitting to read about him this time of year....Halloween/spooky/etc. On our way home from the library we decided to drive around & see where John Ed lives & Ridgley 'the Goat Lady'...Ashley had never been around there before. We also made a stop at the cemetary to see where Aunt Kitty & Uncle Richard are buried. Then on around to the other cemetary to see where Memaw, Papaw & Norma Gray are buried. Ashley really enjoys getting into anything HISTORY like that & we had a really fun time. Just wish I had thought to bring the camera with me, but this was totally NOT planned!

Another fun 'science experiment' this evening.......Clay had heard on Survivor Man that if you ever needed to start a fire that you could check your food stash for Fritos & start a fire with them. The oil content is so high that you can light them & they will burn...just like lighting a match. Well, we just so happened to have a bag that I had bought to have with our chili this week, so Clay & the kids did 'science'. Sure enough....he lit it & it burned.....just like a match! So, now ya know!! Just LOVE experiments like this that you KNOW will really stick in the kid's heads!!

The above photos are the two afhgans that I've made for Christmas gifts. One is for Alli & the other for Anna. Also pictured is Alli's first attempt at crocheting.....this is her long chain that she made while waiting at the Dr.s office last week. I'm off to bed to read now. Will report on our field trip tomorrow evening!

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FatcatPaulanne said...

We watch survivor man too! How cool that you all tried the corn chip experiment. We may have to do that!