Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I scrapped!

Finally was able to sit down this afternoon & just scrap. Of course I WAS doing challenges for our cyber crop at ASF, but it wasn't an assignment or anything....just for fun! The first challenge was to do a LO about ME.....a pic from my 29th birthday (not too long ago! HA!) The second one had to use a 'T' in the title.....Michael being a 'T-Watty'......Clay's nick-name for him...meaning: goof-ball, silly-willy, etc.

This morning we worked on finishing up our unit on the planets. Almost done. They made graphs today showing the number of moons each planet has. And Alli caught up on some of her notebook pages that she didn't do when she was sick. We still have some literature-related stuff to do.....doing Alliterations using the planet words. And a couple of 'experiments' that I thought would be fun. After lunch, I ran by the library to pick up some books on Appomattox, VA & the Civil War. Chris is on Fall Break next week & we have planned a field trip to Appomattox, so I wanted a small unit to go along with this.

Chris got his second Biology test back today & he got a B.....bringing his grade up 14 points from the last test. He was so excited & I was SO PROUD!! Just 2 points away from making an A......WTG, Chris!

Clay is getting all his stuff ready to go fishing with James in the morning. They are practicing for the tournament they will be in on Saturday at Leesville. Michael & Alli are in bed & the other 3 are in the living room playing Monopoly. Think I am headed upstairs to read a bit now.

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