Friday, October 12, 2007

Peppermint Mocha.........Mmmmmmmmmm!

That's what I'm sipping on right now. LOVE the peppermint mocha creamer for our coffee & I just realized that it's out at Walmart now, so I HAD to get us some. Ashley & I LOVE this stuff so much! Such a nice yummy treat on a cool fall night. Finally feeling a little more like fall around here. Just Tuesday it was near 90 & today it was like 66 for the high. BIG difference! Not alot happening here the past few days.....playing catch-up after missing a day at home. It's amazing how stuff piles up with just one day off-routine. I had tons of laundry to do (where does it all come from??), changing the sheets on the beds, vacuuming upstairs & down.......that's how the past few days have been. The boys have also been busy getting firewood.....cutting/splitting/stacking. We've got a nice little stack started out here. Chris had his History mid-term today & the girls & I got some groceries. Went to Old Navy, Target & Michaels too. LOVE Friday evenings.....supper is always easy.....frozen pizzas for the kiddos & tonight I had left-over chili while I sat & read my book. How cool is that? Afterwards I was able to scrap some too.

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FatcatPaulanne said...

That just sounds like such a nice day. Peppermint moocha sounds wonderful.