Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday, Monday

Just finishing up my cup of coffee while I throw out reminders like....Brush your teeth.....beds made?......get dressed.......simple everyday things that you've done every day since toddler-hood, but yet these kiddos HAVE to be reminded each morning!

We had Pastor Appreciation Day yesterday at church with a pot-luck lunch afterwards. Maw came with us to church & stayed for lunch too. It was really nice. We had chili/soups, salad, home-made chicken salad that was to die for,breads, desserts, etc. I was so upset that I forgot my camera........what in the world is wrong with me.....the girl who usually is wearing her camera around her neck ALL the time. Oh well....came home & sat outside enjoying the nice Fall sunshine while reading my book. Then came in & scrapped for a bit while Clay watched football (he came home from work early yesterday afternoon). Supper was simple.....tacos & then afterwards I worked on getting school stuff together for this week. Trying to tweek 'Fatcat's' weekly schedule that she sent me & get it suitable for US. My oldest was most insulted by the fact that included on this weekly schedule was the afore-mentioned chores of make up bed, brush teeth, get dressed, etc. teen-agers! LOL......I thought it was a perfectly legitimate since like I said, I have to remind them all every morning anyway. Oh well, I have a newer version now of what she needs to do for the week & it's up to her WHEN/HOW she gets it long as it gets done! We'll see how this works. Will come back later & add the layouts that I did over the weekend for ASF's cybercrop. Gotta run.....they are actually ASKING for their school work!

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