Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Most Excellent Field Trip

Today's field trip was awesome! We all had such a good time. We started off with a picnic lunch at the Appomattox Wayside....we picniced down by the creek & then the kids had their pictures taken on one of the old cannons. I so remember this from when I was a kid. We would go to Holiday Lake & picnic at the very same Wayside tables & we always climbed up on the cannon & had our picture taken too.

From there we headed to the Appomattox Historic Park. It was so nice this time of year.....not very many folks around at all.....mostly older folks from out-of-state. I think the kid's favorite of the day was visiting the old jail. They thought that was so cool. Danielle asked little Jesse what his favorite part of the day was & he said the water fountain! LOL.....what do you expect from a 3 yr old!

We had TWO things in particular that we were on the look-out for. I had picked up this book at the library called 'The Silent Witness' by Robin Friedman. It was the story of Wilmer McLean's little daughter & how her doll got left in the parlor that day in 1865, she was the 'Silent Witness' & Union officers took her as a sounvir of war. Colonel Moore kept this doll on his mantle in NY for many years until she was donated to the Appomattox Court House National Historic Park, where she is currently on permanent display. Jon was the first one to find the doll & point it out. He also was the one to find the plaque marking the spot where the final shot of the war was fired. We had read about that in another book & wanted to see if we could find it.

So glad we planned this....can't wait to do more field trips like this again soon! My feet are SO tired from all that walking today...think I'm headed upstairs to read now before bedtime. It's back to school tomorrow for Chris & right into mid-terms!

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FatcatPaulanne said...

That does sound like a great field trip!