Monday, October 29, 2007

More Layouts

I have been on a roll with the scrapping here the last few days.......I even dreamed about scrapping last night. Which reminds me, I need to go draw that cool sketch I dreamed about last night before I forget. Yesterday was church & then home to hang out for the afternoon. LOVE lazy Sunday afternoons!! I scrapped, the kids played & then I fixed a big ole pot of baked potato soup for supper. YUM! We started our first fire of the season last got down to about 33, I think. Was 37 this morning when I got up with frost on the ground. I LOVE having our cozy & warm & it smells so good too! I think we are just going to aim for some math and/or reading's looking to be a busy day. I need to run to the grocery store this morning. Then when I get home, I need to bake our pumpkin cake & get the treats & stuff together for our party on Tues. That plus the regular chores (meaning laundry) will keep me BUSY most of the day, I think!! OK, off to grab a bite to eat & get a grocery list together.

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Kaye said...

Beautiful layouts, Amy!!