Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hunting season is ALMOST upon us

Jon & Clay are sighting in their guns......getting ready for Opening Day Saturday.

This is in the middle of my dining room floor right now....they're searching for stuff & trying on cover-alls & boots, etc. Seeing what gets handed down & what all they need to buy. I try not to let the mess bother me.....& really in a weird sort of way, I kinda look forward to it. It's just part of Fall now & I follow them around taking pictures to scrap. Part of our life that most certainly needs to be documented!!

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Sherri said...

I can tell that you are in the South like me because of your son in the shorts outside in the "fall". Every time we think that it is going to get cold and stay that way, it warms up again. I just wish we could have one good snow this year!!!
My husband isn't much of a hunter, so we don't do the whole hunting thing. Part of me is glad that he doesn't, but then there is the part that knows that they boys would enjoy it.