Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Finally headed upstairs to get my shower! It's been one of those morning where & I feel like I've been trying to do a bazillion things, but not getting ANY of them done! After getting off the computer this morning, I went into the kitchen to start on the dishes & cleaning up in there. Clay & Jon decide they want to head on out & spend the WHOLE day hunting (just for this one day), I have to stop & help Jon look for his sweat pants......which of course, even though I have four baskets of clean laundry, he can't find ANY clean sweats! After finding a pair, then Clay says I need to find Chris' thermals for Jon to put on under the I go upstairs to dig through the closets & the wardrobe looking for the thermals......which are NOT to be found anywhere (of course!). Clay tells me not to worry, it will be back to the kitchen where I was doing the dishes. Jon comes in with some water bottles & asks if I will wash & refill these for them. Then, I must help get them a lunch together, since they are planning on staying out til dark. In between all this, I'm washing a dish or two here & there.....swept up all the junk in the living room from the wood stove....cleaned up Alli's Barbie totes so I can borrow one of those to put my crocheted items in for Saturday. is FINALLY clean & the guys have headed off hunting........watched them walking down to the barn & was wishing I had my camera handy.......Jon is so tall....almost as tall as Clay & right then & there all my frustrations of the morning just melted away. Who could ask for anything better than seeing their two guys headed out to spend the day together in the woods?! You certainly don't get that in a classroom! We are truely blessed!!

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Sherri said...

It seems to me that those two have an amazing relationship.
I felt the same way when yesterday at my Dad's I watched him drive off on the 4 wheeler with my two boys. It gave me a warm feeling inside!!!