Friday, November 23, 2007

Some pics from our Thanksgiving Day yesterday. My plans changed this morning....talked to Ella & she said that Taylor had a cold & she wasn't going to come out today. So.....I went ahead as planned.......BY MYSELF!! WooHoo! Tuned the radio in the van to our local station with ALL Christmas music, cranked it up & sang all the way to town. It was a really nice day. I wasn't really out to 'shop' at all, so there was NO pressure...ran by Michael's & then AC Moore. The only thing I did purchase was some yarn that they had on sale. I got $60 worth of yarn for $5!! Their 'Fancy' yarn that is normally $5.99/skein was 2/$1 today! I also picked up two new ink red & one white to use for making Christmas cards. After that, I grabbed a Mexican pizza from Taco Bell...Yum!.....& then picked up a few things from Walmart to tide us over the weekend. It really wasn't bad out today at all. Got home a little after 1pm I guess. Washed some clothes & did some scrapping. Will upload my layout here in a bit. Trying to DL some free school stuff from the Home School Estore.....they are having some great specials! Lots of free DLables today thru tomorrow morning. So far, I've got some 'planners/schedules' & some math stuff. Want to DL a thing about the Vikings that goes along with the Magic TreeHouse book.


Kaye said...

Those cinnamon rolls look really yummy. I love cinnamon rolls!

You should have called me to go shopping. I was home doing nothing all day.

Amy said...

Ummmm....I would need your phone # to do that. Have thought about calling you on your BD, but realized I didn't have your #. Send it to me & I may surprise you one day. ;-)