Saturday, November 03, 2007

Opening Day

A few of my latest creations.....trying to get ready for the craft/yard sale this coming weekend at TRBC. My reluctant model....Alli was trying on the hat & scarf, but really was NOT very thrilled when I pulled out the camera. I told her it was a neat idea to have an actual model for my goodies, but she didn't think so.

Boy, Jon sure was pumped about going hunting this morning!! Up & at 'em bright & early! They didn't see anything this morning & were on their way home when they jumped a buck....a small 6 pt.....but they didn't have a primer in the gun. Jon was so anxoius though when they headed back out after lunch.....kept saying he hoped they could get a 'Double Kill'. He so wanted to help Clay skin out his deer & then learn how to do his own. When they came home for supper he told me that he shot at & missed another 6 pointer. He was really disappointed. They said the Paul shot at & missed one too & they heard that Mason got one....they just didn't know how big. Oh well.....not bad for the first day. At least they saw deer.

I enjoyed the sunshine after lunch. Took my knitting outside & practiced on that for a while. It was so nice & relaxing just sitting out under the tree knitting. When I came in Michael still felt really bad (think he's got a cold....stuffed up, sore throat, head ache, etc.) so I told him I'd come in there & watch a movie with him. So, I finished crocheting another scarf while we wathed 'Holes'.

Keep forgetting about Daylight Savings Time.......was trying to keep the kids up for a bit tonight so I won't get woke up at 6am tomorrow....but Michael was feeling so bad, I just went ahead & tucked them in at 9:30pm. We won't be going to church tomorrow anyway. Now I'm getting ready to go watch 'National Treasure' with Chris, Ashley & Jon. Maybe I can finish my knitted dishcloth while I watch.

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Sherri said...

So, did they get you up early?
My husband tried to get up with his alarm this morning...I had to remind him to set it back!!!