Saturday, November 17, 2007

my day

Today, I did several loads of laundry, watched 'Ice Princess' with Alli, scrapped some this afternoon, fixed home-made pizzas for supper & then played Backgammon with Michael. That was a first for him.....he had never played before, but now he loves it & can't wait to play again tomorrow! Clay, Chris & Jon are in there now watching 'Transformers'.....just didn't seem to grab my attention, but I think they are enjoying it. I'm headed upstairs to read now.


Kaye said...

I bought "Transformers" Friday. Morgan was bummed when I told him that it was for Mitchell for Christmas. Morgan wanted to watch it right then. Mason says it's one of the best movies ever.

I used to play Backgammon all the time with my brother. I loved it! I don't even remember how to play. I know we have a Backgammon board downstairs. I should get it out and relearn the game.

How do you get so much done every day? I feel like a slacker when I read your posts.

Amy said...

Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! You make me laugh! I'm just such a 'Home Body' really....I like to get out & go...have lunch & shop....but at the same time, enough is enough.....I LOVE my time at home where I can read, scrap, crochet, watch a movie with the kids or whatever.

You & the boys would totally love backgammon! We had to play today as soon as we got home from church. Do y'all have Skipbo? I LOVE that one too!

Sherri said...

I love your pages..they are beautiful!!
I LOVE days at home as well. My son, Patrick, also loves to be home. The three of them all spent the night with some friends, but he called this morning ready to come home :). I was glad. As much as it seems like a good thing to have a day alone, it gets lonely quickly for me.