Sunday, November 11, 2007


We are home from church this morning again...not because of a sick child this time, but because Clay had to drive the van to work. My last few days have been just CRAZY & I am all too happy to just stay home & do NOTHING today (besides I have a sinus headache already this morning.) Thursday evening after Jon killed his deer, they moved the truck so they could shine the head lights on their work area. Clay forgot that it wasn't in gear & woke up Friday morning & realized that the truck wasn't there! :shock: He freaks out & runs outside in his UNDERWEAR (you realize that we live out in the country & there's no one around to see him except for maybe some cows!).....the truck had rolled down the hill, scraped alongside my uncle's flatbed hay trailer & ended up pinned against one of those huge round bales of hay! PTL no one was around when this one got hurt. But the driver's side door is all dented in/scraped up & it folded the mirror back & when he pulled away, it just broke right off. So, this is all Friday morning EARLY.....we fly around & get ready so we can drop Chris at school, Clay called work & said he'd be an hour late, then I dropped him at work, got groceries, picked Chris back up from school & came home. Put all the groceries away, fixed supper & then I had to go back & get Clay from work! THEN, yesterday morning was the flea market/yard sale at Mom's church & he didn't want me to have to miss that, so again we got up EARLY....5:15am....took him to work & then the girls & I headed to our yard sale adventure by 7:30am. I made a whopping $8 yesterday. Came home & piddled around for the afternoon & then had to go back last night to get Clay again. SO.......needless to say, the past few days have been quite an adventure & I am most ready to stay HOME today & enjoy a quiet, restful day here!!


Kaye said...

Oh my!!!! I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh a little.

I hope today is a calmer day.

Amy said...

Oh, don't worry....he laughed later when telling the story!