Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well, we have had our traditional Thanksgiving cinnamon buns & coffee for breakfast this morning & Clay & Jon have gone out to the woods to look for his (Jon's) deer that he shot last night. He shot a 5 pt., but they never could find it in the dark, so they wanted to go back & look again in the day light. Just praying that they can find it. This is Jon's 3rd deer that he's killed so far.....Clay keeps shaking his head at being out-done by a 12 yr. old! HA! And this is not to even mention the ones that he's shot at & missed. This boy is a HUNTER!! He loves it! Going to get my shower & straighten up a bit & then hopefully scrap some. We are headed to Maw's later this afternoon for Thanksgiving dinner.


Kaye said...

Did they find the deer??

I hope y'all had a great day!

Amy said...

Nope....sad to say, they never found it.

Kaye said...

That's a bummer!