Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm cold.......

Think I'll make some coffee! Busy today....running errands, getting groceries, lunch at Chickfila with my 2 girlies. Supper tonight was left-overs......baked ziti & garlic bread for me & Ashley. The others had chicken tenders, fries & garlic bread. Guess Clay will snag something out of the frige when he gets home...unless he just stops on his way & picks something up. Finished knitting a dishcloth this evening.....LOVE my hand-made dishcloths. Trying to get a nice pile so I'll have plenty to give away for Christmas. Now I'm off to try out a pattern that someone shared with me for crocheting some fingerless gloves. Ashley has been wanting some really bad & I've been having a hard time finding a QUICK & SIMPLE pattern to use. We shall see.... Off the top of my head here..........tell me some of your favorite Christmas movies that your family MUST watch each year. Ours include A Christmas Story, Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life......just to name a few.

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