Thursday, November 08, 2007


Jon FINALLY got him a deer!! After going all week & seeing/missing 4 different bucks, he was able to get a nice 4 point. It wasn't the BIG 8 point he tried for the other day, but hey.....for a 12 yr. old this ain't too shabby!


Madison said...

Yippee!!!!!!! I was so excited to see the pic of him with the deer. That is so AWSOME!!!!!! Way to go!!

Sherri said...

Sorry...the post above is actually from me. I was accidently signed on under my daughter's name. Sorry about that....hey, she is 11, almost 12. I was thinking that she is the same age as your son ;)!

Kaye said...

AWESOME!!!! I know he must have been thrilled!