Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stayin' Home Today...

We definitely are staying home today. Michael has coughed & snotted all through the night & feels REALLY rotten. He doesn't FEEL like going anywhere & there's certainly NO need in us spreading our germies around to everyone else. What's wild is that everone else is still snoozing away (thought for sure they'd be up early today)......this DLST always throws me for a loop! I know Michael was up snotting & coughing, but I was just AWAKE 6am!(instead of my usual 7am). Bet I will be tired for the next couple of days. Well, off to fix Alli (who just woke up) some Cocoa Pebbles & refill my coffee cup.

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Sherri said...

Whoops..I asked below if everyone was up early. I guess I should have read the most recent post first!
Everyone is in the bed's 10:22 new time 11:23 as far as my body still believes. I always say I will not stay up late again, but I just love this time alone.
Thanks for your sweet note at OurPlace..I appreciate the compliment!