Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random Thoughts

Not alot going on the past few days.
Trying to get back into the groove after having almost a week off!
Good news.....Chris got his Biology test back....that he took right before Thanksgiving break......& he got a 100 on it!! WooHoo! Way to Go!
Lunch with Maw yesterday. She fixed pizza for Chris & Alli...hoagies for me & Ashley. With Fudge Ripple ice cream cones for dessert.
While Chris was in lab, the girls & I did some shopping.Picked a few more Christmas stamps from Michaels for our Christmas cards. Got Alli some much-needed PJ pants & a pair of jeans from Target. Also got Jon a pair of jeans from Walmart.
Met Ella & kids while we were in Target.....our usual Tuesday meeting place these days.
Thinking about pulling out the Christmas decorations sometime today. Need to get that done.....especially if Ella & the kids might come down this weekend. The Nelson County Christmas parade is Sunday afternoon & I was thinking about going. Haven't been in several years now.
Really need to get a move on & finish up what crochet/knit projects I need to do for Christmas gifts. Also need to get my Christmas cards done too!
But first I'm thinking I need to get my butt up from here & go get a shower.

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Kaye said...

Congratulations to Chris! That's awesome!!!!

We're getting the Christmas stuff out on Saturday, I think. Everything is stored in a part of our house that I don't venture into, so I have to wait for Greg and the boys to be available. I've got to get all our new ornaments done for this year's tree!! I put it off for months and now I'm working like crazy to get everything finished.