Monday, November 05, 2007

It's Monday.....what can I say?

Pics taken on the weekend we got engaged......Sept 1985.....Wow! Around the edge is written the lyrics to Kenny Chesney's song 'The Good Stuff'....Look into those eyes so deep in love....and drink it up.....yeah man, that's the Good Stuff.
Dillon took these pics of Danielle & I back in the spring....just acting silly...trying to get some pics of US....we are always the ones behind the camera. The quote reads: 'In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter & sharing of pleasures.'

Snapshot of Ashley & Alli taken at the American Idol concert back in Sept.

Need to get myself moving here.....don't seem to have anything wonderful to share this morning....maybe the guys will get a huge buck this afternoon & I'll have a good story along with some pictures. We just hung out yesterday....the boys watched football & I actually scrapped some. Got several layouts done. Then I made a big ole pot of potato soup for supper. Love that stuff!

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