Thursday, November 15, 2007

Busy, busy days......

Here's what I've been up to lately.....ran by church yesterday & picked up all the stuff we've collected for the Samaritan's Purse Christmas boxes. You should've seen my was LOADED down!! We ended up being able to pack 17 boxes & I still had some stuff left over that was too big to fit into shoe boxes & mom dropped that off for me at one of the local shelters in town.
Love thes pics of the girls playing in the leaves the other day. Ashley took the one of Alli & vice versa. They are getting pretty good with my digi camera!

These are the pics that Clay took while they were up at Mason's hunting cabin. Very rustic like I said....don't you just LOVE the johnny house?!

Chris has been busy pouring over classes & schedule times trying to figure out just what classes he needs to take next semester. Also called up to Liberty & checked with them on what all he needs to be taking as he is planning on transferring over there for next fall. He took another math placement test today & will find out how he did tomorrow when he goes in to talk to his advisor. The other kids are plugging along with our 'Pilgrim' unit. Will have to post some more pics of notebook pages when I get a chance. Ashley is now learning French. She found a set of tapes at the library & she & Alli both spend a ton of time up in her bedroom listening to the tapes & repeating all the new words they are learning. The books she has to follow along with have lessons in them also where they ask you questions & you have to answer in French. She is doing really well....can already write all her numbers up to 10. She's doing all the written lessons & keeping them in her school folder. So tickled to see her so interested in learning!!
I'm heade up to bed now.....SO tired. Looking forward to the weekend & next week. Chris only has classes on Monday & then math Tues. & he's done til the following week! Yipee!! I've got 3 new books to read...picked them up at the library today. 'The Englisher' by Beverly Lewis (started that one a long time ago & never finished it.) Also 'the Redemption of Sarah Cain' by Beverly Lewis & 'Secrets of the Heart' by Al & Joann Lacy.


Kaye said...

I feel so guilty because I never got around to doing my shoeboxes this year. I told my mom that I would just make a donation to Samaritan's Purse instead. Mom said that was a good idea since she had a number of boxes donated this year that didn't have the $7 shipping included, so I can cover the costs for those.

I love the little cabin! I want a cabin in the woods.

Amy said...

You should come here & we could pack up & go to the cabin one weekend like you did & have a Girly scrapping weekend. Wouldn't that be fun!!