Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Cards

These are a few Christmas cards that I made yesterday afternoon. Real simple....all made with stamps from the Dollar Bin at Michael's. Need to get busy & make the rest of them here soon!
Crazy thought.....been thinking about how much other folks eat out vs. cook at often do you eat out...or how often do you actually COOK a meal for supper time...thought it might a fun thing to record what I fix for supper each night. Would LOVE for those of you that leave comments to share with me what you do for supper. Wouldn't mind collecting some new recipes too along the way. I KNOW that Kaye has shared a couple that have become favorites at our house. Anyway....last night we had roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans & biscuits.....along with some applesauce & carrot chips for those kiddos who didn't want green beans. Tonight I am trying a new recipe that Maw shared with me....from Southern Living.....Baked Ziti. Ashley is real tickled about trying something new.....not too sure about the others though. Will let ya know how it goes.


Kaye said...

Mmmmmm....I LOVE Baked Ziti! Can I come for supper?????

I don't cook much during August, September and October because Marching Band is in full swing and oftentimes I'm the only person home at supper time. The rest of the year I would say I cook maybe four times each week?

About two weeks ago I cooked seven nights in a row. Greg and the boys were shocked. LOL!! Then there are weeks like the one we are having right now where I haven't cooked a single time. I like to keep everyone on their toes -- they never know what's going on over here. ;-)

I love the cards, by the way! I haven't even given cards any thought. I'm still working on my ornaments for our tree.

Kaye said...

Oh, I forgot about the eating out part. Greg and I go out for lunch when he has a day off (which is never these days). As a whole family, we go out maybe twice a month.

Amy said...

Well, since it's past can come tomorrow night & have left-overs with us. We still have plenty left.

Queen Kat said...

Cute creations!

Sandee Krueger said...


Somehow, you and I are related. My mom is a Fortune from Seattle. Anyway, Kathy (your mom?) sent me this website and I love your blogs!

This dinner one gave me cause to comment. I could actually write a book about my experiences in the kitchen and my family having to endure me in the kitchen. I don't eat meat. After 5 years of marriage and burning anything with "eyes" until I was sure it was REALLY dead did my husband throw up his arms and say, "Enough! I quit eating meat."

That threw me into the REAL vegetarian mode where I was accused of feeding the family dog food on several occasions. Or making a pot of beans "just like Mom used to do" only to find out I kept putting in different colors of beans so the pot would be pretty and after they had soaked up some water, I needed another pan and yet another pan. I had beans to feed an army!

One year, I challenged myself to never make the same meal twice in a year and I managed to prepare 365 different meals. (Don't ask my family about that year....they will tell you the word "different" is too kind.)

When our two girls grew and moved away, we moved to Oregon (from California). My husband retired and I decided I was going to retire as well.....from the kitchen. I told him he had a few choices: sit and watch me prepare dinner, help me chop the vegetables, clean up after dinner or merely write out what he wants to eat each week. He chose none of the above so I had to put the kitchen on strike. It lasted one year. I didn't cook a thing for him...just for myself. He knew how to make omelettes and sandwiches and veggie burgers and that's pretty much what he ate until one night he said, "I think I'll make an omelette, would you like one?" After my shock, I said yes. The next night I made pasta and invited him to join me. From that point and after no discussion, we take turns or he helps out a bit. (Never on the cleanup committee!) But it's great. I will come home from work and he has dinner cooking! I have even taught him how to read a recipe...creating a recipe clipping monster out of him. A 4" binder won't hold all of them...that's our winter break project, to weed the recipe files!

So to answer you question directly, we don't enjoy eating in restaurants very often. We go out to a small Mexican restaurant about every 6 weeks or less often. We don't eat breakfast out and if we go to town to run our errands and shop, we always take our lunches and find a park to eat at.

I can recommend one of the best magazines for cooking and that is "A Taste of Home". My family and friends have yet to find a bad recipe in there. I just skip the ones with meat or adapt them.

I still plan on making it to a reunion and maybe it will be 2008!

Thanks for the opportunity to share in your life!

Your kin (somehow),

Sandee Krueger
Eagle Point, OR