Saturday, December 01, 2007

My 'To-Do' list for today

Need to make myself a list for today. I really NEED to do a good cleaning! Still haven't heard whether Danielle & the kids plan to come to the Christmas parade tomorrow or not AND the weather is kind of up-in-the -air. One place you hear there's a 90% chance of rain & only in the 40s....YUCK! At one point, it had even called for a chance of snow mixed in there on who knows. But I DO know that I need to matter what. I also plan on pulling the decorations out today & seeing what I can get done there. Still gonna be hard with all the hunting stuff here, yonder & everywhere in my house! Another MUST-DO on my list today is to cut Jon & Michael's hair. Especially Jon's.....he's looking like the 'Shaggy Dog' these days. And, if it's possible, I'd like to work on my Christmas cards. Notice I didn't say FINISH them, but at least work on a few. That would be a nice creative break for me this afternoon IF I go ahead & get busy this morning.

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