Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A relaxing Day after Christmas

Clay & the boys were up & outta here at 6am this morning to catch some of the sales at Target. They had some games on sale & they had Christmas money, so off they went. I got on up a little after 7am, fixed coffee & got my ham in the oven....Clay's folks were SUPPOSED to be coming up today. When I finally sit down here to check my email, I find a text from Clay saying they aren't coming because Papaw hurt his back last night. Oh least I had supper cooking already, right?! Well, Clay went off hunting with the guys.....they were ALL out here running dogs. I returned a stack of books to the library & picked up a few things at Food Lion. Came home & Ashley, Chris & I worked one of the puzzles Aunt Vada sent them for Christmas.
Here it is all finished

Ashley said Lady Liberty was her favorite & wanted a close-up of her.

Believe it or not, Clay came home with yet another deer this afternoon. A doe this time. Between him & Jon, they've gotten 6 deer so far plus the one from Clay's friend. Michael still has a few more days left to try for a deer....but the Wii is vying for attention now. Well, I'm off to get Michael & Alli settled down & then the rest of us are going to watch Pirates 3.....Clay hasn't seen it yet.

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