Friday, December 07, 2007


Gosh......didn't realize how bad it was out there. Been on the phone off & on to Clay for about 2 hours is freezing raining out there & just TERRIBLE. Been hanging on about the school closings......started off with a 2 hr. delay.......& then others started closing. Hated to make him miss a day right here at the end getting ready for exams & all, but at the same time Clay keeps telling how bad it is out flipped, roads CLOSED, traffic moving along at about 30 mph. This totally caught everyone off-guard. Anyways.....CVCC FINALLY got smart & just cancelled all day classes today....PTL! I will wait til closer to noon & venture out to Wally world for a few things. It's supposed to warm up to 42 later on should be ok.


the dreamer said...

Sending you warm greetings from the QK Bloggers Club! You're the Featured Blogger of the Day! :)

Oh gosh, I guess the weather's pretty crazy anywhere. Here in the Philippines, for a tropical country, we've had really rough storms and really unusual cold weather. Hope it gets better soon.

Take care and thanks so much for being part of the fun! :)

Amy said...

How cool to know that you are from the Philipines!! Years ago when I was still in high school our family 'adopted' a university student into our family who was here going to school & she was from the Philipines. It was so cool learning about her country!! She's married now & lives in TX.