Monday, December 03, 2007

Fun Day Yesterday

We had a great time with Ella & the kids yesterday! Worked out just as well that we didn't seriously plan on going to the parade because it was windy & cold & started to rain a little after 1pm & rained all the rest of the evening. But we were cozy & warm in here by the fire. And I fixed a big ole pot of chili & Mexican cornbread for our supper. Also tried a new cookie recipe.....Peter Pan's Neverland Cookies. Basically peanut butter cookies with white chocolate chips in them. And they must've been pretty good.....because they ate the whole bloomin' batch!! Up & at 'em a little earlier than usual this morning....Clay is working some more over-time.....8-4 today.


Kaye said...

Mmmmmmm...chili, cornbread, and cookies. Three of my favorite things!

It sounds like y'all had a great day!

Amy said...

Well, when you come for a visit I'll fix you some chili, corn bread & cookies! ;-)