Monday, December 03, 2007

lordy, lordy.....what a day!

Took chris to class this morning since Clay had to work.....came home & did some school with the others. We started on our 'Grinch unit' that I downloaded from the Homeschool Estore. We read the book & Michael & Alli did a Grinch word find puzzle. I also printed off some coloring pages for them too. Realized I didn't have any file folders, so we just did what we could to start with & then I went by the Dollar Store this afternoon to pick some up. On our way home this afternoon....literally just a few miles from home (isn't that the way they always say with accidents.....they happen close to home) some old guy had a coughing spell (he has lung cancer) & crossed the yellow line & hit me on the driver's side. This happened right up here after turning at the Corner Market for those of you who know. It bent my mirror back & dented in the sliding door & the back end!! It's a miracle I swerved when I did or he probably would've hit us head on. It's drivable & all, but now just the pain of dealing with the insurance, getting it fixed & finding a rental WHILE they get it fixed! So thankful though that I was driving & not Chris & that no one got hurt & that it's not any worse than it is. Think I'm going to fix me a pot of coffee now & chill!


Kaye said...

Oh no!!!! I'm so glad no one was hurt, but what a pain, nonetheless. I hope everything gets fixed quickly!

the dreamer said...

Hi, Amy! This is Nina Patena, 2008 Royal Stamping Design Team member of Queen Kat Designs.

I'm so sorry to hear about your recent accident and hope that everyone is now safe and that things will get sorted out soon.

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