Monday, December 10, 2007

Last Day of Classes

WooHoo....this is Chris' last day of classes. English class they don't even have an actual 'exam'...they will just turn in their final paper today & they are done. He will have two exams on Wed. & the last one on Fri. Now, I can totally concentrate on getting my gifts done & enjoy doing some Christmas baking.....Christmas movies to watch at night as a family.....yipee....let the FUN begin! Here is the fingerless glove (singular NOT plural) that I finished last night for Ashley. Love how it turned out & really simple to do. Now to finish the other one & they will go with the belt I corcheted for her already. (Need to take a picture of that too)

This is Daniel's blanket that I also finished up last night. The kids say this is his 'Spiderman' blanket. ;-)

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Sherri said...

I thought spiderman when I saw it too :).
I'm ready to be finished with our last four days! I have ornaments and a gingerbread house to make with the kids...all sorts of fun things! I'm ready!!