Saturday, December 29, 2007


The girls & I headed out for some shopping & lunch yesterday. We hit Steve & Barry's first.....Ashley & Chris both got GCs for there from Maw. They are still having their big $8.98 storewide sale going on. Ashley got a cute little jacket, but when we checked out we were kind of confused about the amount on her GC. The jacket was $9-something with tax & they told her she had a little over $2 left on her GC. Kinda strange.....making it sound like her GC was for $11 & some odd cents. When I asked Maw about it, she said they both were supposed to have $25 on their cards......Grrrrrrr! Now, we've got to meet her up there with HER receipts where she bought the GCs & Ashley's receipt where she bought the jacket & get this whole mess straightened out! Anyways......we went on from there to meet Danielle & Alley for lunch at Texas Steakhouse. That was really nice....not too many people there & just nice enjoying each other's company since we haven't had our weekly lunches in AGES! We hit Target next......Ashley got a couple of tops & a cute little pair of shoes. Alli got Barbie stuff, of course, with her GC from Aunt Linda. She got a 'Christmas Morning' Barbie, a Ken & some clothes for Ken. Not bad for $15. We got a few groceries after that & then headed on home. It had started raining by then & was just nasty out! Glad to be home & warm by the fire for the evening. Nothing much planned for today.....some cleaning up, laundry & maybe some scrapping. It's nice today.....supposed to be about 58 degrees & then tomorrow the high is only going to be in the 30s & they're calling for rain/sleet....70% chance. Sounds nasty to me!

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