Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cookie Swap Party

Fun, fun day today. We had our annual Homeschool Cookie swap at Maw's house. We were sad that Sarah & the kids missed out.....Anna was sick & throwing up this morning. Sure didn't need to share those germies around with everyone,but we DID miss them!! Danielle, Alley & Florence came....9 kids & 5 grown-ups made for a house full of FUN! We had piles of yummy cookies to sample & take home.....chocolate chip, M&M, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, lemon bars, pecan & sugar. And Maw gave each of us the cutest little cookie tins to take our cookies home in. I love the Christmas cookie tins like that.....I keep mine sitting out on the table full of different kinds of cookies during the holidays. Or should I say I 'TRY' to keep them full of cookies.....that's a hard task to accomplish with all these kiddos around! Ha! Talked to Clay a little while ago.....they are staying over one more night at the hunting cabin. The boys are having such a good time! And Michael is bound & determined he IS going to shoot a deer this year. Especially after the fact that Jon killed TWO more!!!! A spike yesterday evening & a doe this morning. I tell ya, that boy is something else! Clay said he even gutted & skinned the whole thing himself....under the watchful eye of Clay & Mason, of course. Jon always talks about building himself a log cabin when he gets older & I can totally see that happening. That just SOUNDS like something that Jon would do! Off to tuck my Alli-girl in bed now & then I'll try & upload & resize some pics from today.


Kaye said...

Jon must be on top of the world with his two kills! Good for him!

I'm hungry for cookies. LOL!

Amy said...

What kind should I send you?

Kaye said...

Nothing with nuts. Or coconut. I hate nuts and coconut!