Wednesday, December 26, 2007


These are the high-lights from our day yesterday. I took my other camera with me to Maw's so will have to wait to get those pics developed later.Jovi...first thing Christmas how he posed so pretty for me right in front of all the presents.
Jovi enjoying his new knitted kitty blanket.

Ashley with one of her Paris books.

Alli with her Kelly doll set.

An excited bunch of boys with their Wii!! Can you tell it was a BIG hit?!

Ashley took this picture of Daniel playing on his new drum set Christmas night. We passed around the tylenol & let him go to town! All I could think of was an old 'I Love Lucy' episode where little Ricky was learning to play the drums. I think he told Clay he was playing 'Frosty'. Oh & the name of his band was 'Baseball'. ;-)

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