Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Moon....

Was so cool-looking this evening.....I ran out to the pump house to get a jar of green beans for supper & this is what I saw. These pictures just don't do it justice, but I tried. It wasn't quite dark yet & there was that big ole full moon coming up over the pretty!
I finished up the cards I was working on for Sarah for Christmas (I THINK I'm safe in saying that here.....I don't think she reads my blog. Hee! Hee!) This is just a sampling....I didn't bother trying to get a picture of them all. Hope she likes them & can use them!

We had a nice surprise this evening....just as I was starting to peel potatoes for supper, Aunt Linda & Dale stopped by. They had this HUGE 5 lb. bag of candy for the kids along with some twizzlers & a bag of bubble gum! AND a pound cake for us. They were making their usual Christmas then over to Skippy & Faye's. The cake was REALLY yummy....I just had a piece along with a nice hot cup of coffee. The kiddos just got done watching 'Elf' again, so I'm off to tuck Michael & Alli in bed & then go try to finish up my book.


Sherri said...

I hope you have a Merry Christmas. The cards look great!!! I'm sure they were a lot of work!

Kaye said...

I love the moon pictures! And your cards are beautiful.

Happy Christmas Eve!!!!