Saturday, December 15, 2007

Project Day

Spent the day working on some of my Christmas projects.... This is a Christmas Memory Game that Ashley made for some of the younger kids for Christmas. She took a crayon box & painted it & decorated it with stamps & glitter paint. Then she used some of my Christmas stamps & made the pairs of cards for the game. It turned out SO, so cute!!
This is another one of Ashley's gifts.....for some special people....won't name names in case they are reading my blog. ;-) She got this idea from her Brio magazine....cute Christmas mugs with packets of hot chocolate & a candy cane for stirring. Mmmmmm......peppermint mocha!
And here is my scrap/craft table.......I know it's a mess, but it's a Happy Mess! I just walked by & thought it was neat seeing all our different Christmas projects laid out while we worked off & on all day. Such a warm suggly feeling spending the afternoon working on projects with your daughters while listening to Christmas music on the computer. We were singing along to Hilary Duff's Christmas cd & also Aly & AJ's. Also accomplished the rest of my christmas cards done & in the mail, started crocheting on a pair of mittens while watching Spiderman 3 with the kiddos, made a batch of Chex party mix, painted some wooden ornaments that I had picked up, made home-made pizzas for supper & have put clean sheets on all the kid's beds. now I'm ready for a nice cup of Hot Chocolate & a good Christmas movie.


Sherri said...

You just made me want to spend the day at your house :)!!!

Kaye said...

I want to spend the day at your house, too!!!

I love the memory game. What a great idea!

Are the Christmas mugs from Wal-Mart? I love them!

Amy said...

yes kaye....those mugs came from Walmart. Aren't they just the cutest?

Kaye said...

I'm going to have to go to Wal-Mart this week to see if I can get some. I don't drink coffee, but those mugs are just too cute!

Sandee said...

Oh my gosh...if you call this a mess, I'm hurtin' for certain!

This has to be the tidiest crafts-in-progress table that I've ever seen.

I'm just loving the creativity coming from your household.