Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Decorations

Just thought I'd take a few pics of some of my Christmas decorations we got put up today. The house is clean & smells oh so nice thanks to a little tart burner that my friend Jo sent me a few years back. Thanks Jo! The decorations are up....except for my village, that is. Could NOT find that this afternoon & I just didn't feel like plundering at that point, trying to find it. Will look harder come the first of the week. Also got the boys' hair cut too. Oh & I even managed to make ONE Christmas card tonight. Ha! Just chillin' a bit now before bedtime.....listening to some of my Christmas favorites. Trans Siberian Orchestra right now. LOVE them!! Maw made this 'Frosty' for the kids WAY back when...when Ashley & Jon were still little terd heads. It's made of felt & has 25 pockets on it to stick little candy canes in & the kiddos get to take one off each day from Dec. 1 til Christmas. Jon got the first candy cane this year.
Grandma Bunner cross-stitched this back in 1988. Then last year Papaw sent us a huge box with some prints that he had framed, some paintings of Grandpa's & some of Grandma's cross-stitched pieces & this was in there. What a treasure! I have two cross-stitched cats that she did in my bathroom too.

Ella gave me this snowman cookie jar several years ago & he sits on my shelf in the kitchen. Sarah gave me those hand-painted mugs last year. My .88 Walmart special mugs from several years ago. I hang them in my kitchen on the pegged shelf that Pop made for me.
I cross-stitched this snowman way back the first year we were married, I believe. He always hangs on the wall in the kitchen right beside my broom closet.
This is Alli coloring......I just couldn't resist Thursday when I went out to the Dollar General. I HAD to pick up a couple of Christmas coloring books. I remembered how much I LOVED getting a new Christmas coloring book each year early in the season & how much fun I had coloring & anticipating Christmas Day. I even sat down with them that evening & colored. What fun! And what memories!!


Kaye said...

Greg and the boys got all the Christmas stuff out of storage for me yesterday. Today I'll start decorating! I love putting out all the Christmas stuff!

Amy said...

Oooh.....I'll check your blog......I can't wait to see pictures!