Sunday, December 09, 2007

Family Christmas Dinner at Aunt Linda's

Just thought I'd share some pictures from our Christmas dinner last night. We all had such an awesome time! Thanks so much to Aunt Linda & Uncle Dale for opening their house & making us all feel so welcome! Katelyn, Alli & Anna
Daniel doing a little 'beat-boxing' along with Jon's Blake Lewis cd. Check it out....he was snapping his fingers & tapping his foot along to the beat!
Bruce & Lauren
Joyce (Dale's mom) & Bruce

Uncle Skippy & Michael

The kids all gathered around 'Aunt Linda Clause'......just look at the excitement on Daniel's face!!
Carolyn & Jerry's little Emma Grace.....isn't she a doll!

Bruce & David bring out the guitars & sing a few Christmas carols for us. Keith even shared his rendition of the National Anthem with us! LOL!

Faye & Dale

David B joins in with his accordion

David & Dale sing along
Uncle Skippy & Aunt Faye

Faye, Rinnie, Philip & Maw
Michelle & Keith

This was so cute.....Daniel was standing here by his daddy pretending to play the accordion with his little slinky that Aunt Linda had given him. Michelle had done all the beautiful decorations! She has such a knack with this kind of thing.

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Kaye said...

Daniel is a total cutie!!!