Saturday, December 22, 2007

LOTS to catch up on.....

First off, some pictures from our Christmas party at Maw's house this past Tuesday. Love this sweet pic of Taylor with her thumb in her mouth & Ella's hair in her other hand. Reminds me so much of how Ashley used to 'twiddle' my hair when she was tired/sleepy.
Maw & Florence
The next set of pics...well, what can I say......we were just having fun messing around with the camera trying to get some cute Chrismtas pictures. We got a little giggly & carried away.
Me & Alley

Me & Ella
Alley & Ella

Dillon & Evan
A shot of Florence's YUMMY cookies she brought! Chocolate, pecan & lemon bars. Mmmmmm!
Cori, Alli, Ashley holding Summer & Catherine

Next we have some deer pics. The boys were off hunting at Mason's cabin while we were partying. Jon killed TWO more deer.....this spike & a doe the next morning. He has killed FOUR so far this fall! Not bad for a 12 yr old. Ashley says he must be wearing lucky underwear!

Clay also got a big 10 pt. which will end up on our living room wall sometime in the near future.


Kaye said...

Great pictures! It looks like everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

My favorite picture is the one of Jon! Did Michael ever get a deer?

Amy said...

Nope....poor Michael hasn't gotten one YET.....there's still two weeks left. He WAS at least tickled to death to be in the stand with Clay when he shot that 10 pt. just came in from the wrong direction...Michael couldn't get the shot.

Kaye said...

Well, I'm glad that Michael still has time to get one this season. My fingers are crossed for him!

Does Chris hunt, too?

Amy said...

Chris DOES hunt.....but Clay calls him a fair-weather hunter....he HATES getting up early & he HATES being really cold & he HATES sitting up in a tree when the wind blows....swaying back & forth...he's not too keen on that. Besides with school & all this fall, he's been really BUSY up until just recently & I don't blame him on just wanting to chill during his break.

Kaye said...

I hate being cold, too. Is it almost summer??

By the way, Little Drummer Boy is still on your list. I thought I told you to take it off??????