Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to Ole Grind

Here's a couple of layouts I did yesterday. This first one is some pics I snapped of Pop's old 'Disco Boots' as we called them! What on earth was he thinking of when he bought these??!
These were some pics I took at the big yard sale that Thomas Road had back in Nov. I took some of my crocheted things to sell & made a whopping $8 by selling FOUR of my dish cloths...WooHoo!

Yesterday was such a nice day...about 58 degrees & today is supposed to be even warmer......will probably have a blizzard next week. Ha! Ashley went for a walk with my camera & took some pictures....she's going to take a 'picture-a-day' this year. She's even keeping a journal & writing down what she takes a picture of each day & then we'll print them off every once in a while. She wants to make a big photo collage on her wall. Very Artistic. ;-) Jon & Michael even went outside & threw the ball to each other for a while.....will be that time of year again before we know it! But come evening time, Michael was feeling pretty rough again. Then when Clay came home, his eyes were all gooked up too!! Ashley is 'The Lone Survivor'! I'm not even going to worry about starting school back today. After being sick myself for a week, I haven't felt like doing anything toward getting organized for school. Thought about starting Ashley & Jon back today......the two little ones just are NOT up to it.....but since 'I'M' not together, I'm just going to use this week to get back into the groove....or should I say FIND our NEW groove for this semester. Chris has classes at 9am EVERY day this semester & is done by 1:50 each day except for Friday when he finishes up at 11:50. Anyway, I'm off to check out the Homeschool Estore & see what I can put together for us. Then, Ashley & I are going to run out to the library this afternoon & see what we can find. That will count for Literature (AND History, in Ashley's case), they're watching 'Survivor Man' now (science & geography) & maybe we'll pull out the Yahtzee later & do a little Math. ;-)

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Kaye said...

Those boots are.....umm....interesting. LOL!!!

According to the thermometer it's 55 degrees here. All the snow has melted!!!!! Yippee! I'm ready for summer. ;-)