Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Feeling lazy or rebellious

Just NOT in a mood to think about doing school this morning. What is my problem? It's one of those weeks......yesterday was MLK day & Chris had no classes, so the others didn't either. Tomorrow is MY birthday & in our family birthdays are 'holidays'....mine included....why shouldn't the teacher get a day off for her BD if the others do?! Then Friday is grocery day......so it's like we have Tues. & Thurs. that are actual school days this week & it's really hard to think about doing something, skipping a day & then doing some more. We did play 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader' last night.....that's VERY educational. Michael learned that the sun rises in the east & sets in the west. And everyone will always remember now that MOTOWN is Detroit, Michigan. That was my million dollar question & it was like my mind just went blank. Detroit was actually the first thing that popped into my mind, but then it's like you sit there & begin to contemplate too much & you talk yourself out of it.....I kept thinking that HAD to be wrong becasue Detroit=Cars.......then Clay goes, DUH.........Detroit=Motor Town=MOTOWN. Will never forget that now! Boy, for having nothing to say this morning, I sure have been rambling on...........................Ha!

Speaking of a day off yesterday...the girls & I had a day on the town. We met Danielle, Maw & Sarah at Applebees for my birthday lunch. That was really nice. Hadn't been there in ages...May to be exact...Ashley my date-keeper....told me precisely when it was. She said we sat around the table talking about Dr. Falwell dying & that it was the big Finale for American Idol that night!! Funny how we remember things like that. Anyways.......after lunch we ran by Steve & Barrys so Ashley could shop. Didn't buy anything there though. Then we hit Target...FINALLY got Jon's Avatar game exchanged. Then it was Michael's & AC Moore. I picked up some yarn that was on sale at AC Moore.....got some to make me a scarf to go with my new LL Bean coat Maw gave me for Christmas. And also picked up some bright colors to make Cori a blanket for her BD (in March) hope I can get it done! Alli said she told her Sat. when they were here that she REALLY liked Alli's blanket that I had made her for Christmas & would love to have one like it herself. Now who could turn down a request like that?! So, I have some projects to start working on now!!

Guess I will drag my lazy butt away from the puter now & see what I can get done. Need to straighten up the kitchen & then we will do some work on our sled dog unit. I really DO want to finish that up so we can start on our Valentine unit.

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